September 29, 2017


Hey guys! My name is Adrienne and I believe a well fed life starts in the kitchen and goes from there. First, as a woman with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) I have discovered that food directly impacts the way I feel and how my body functions. Second, as a woman with a mad sweet tooth and a moderate amount of self-love I believe it is absolutely ok to bake that batch of gooey cookies from time to time. I am a consistent Sunday night meal planner with a skill to make a grocery list that provides us the exact amount of food needed for the week without letting any go to waste. After years of scouring the internet for a combination of healthy recipes along with a sprinkle of indulgent ones I want to share with you what I have found and recipes I have come up with myself. You can expect to find healthy weekly meal plans, grocery lists, recipes, my heart on adoption, foster care, and motherhood, DIY ideas, and more on staying well fed: body, mind, and soul. I am a redeemed believer, wife to a dude who used to live out of his truck, foster/adoptive mama, ovarian cancer survivor, and still trying to figure out my well fed life. Let’s share this journey together!


MarriageMy husband, Steven, and myself on our wedding day. 12.29.13. I’m sure I’ll share more about our love story and wedding throughout our time together on the blog!

This is our daughter, Evy. She is a precious gift. We are so honored to be her parents.

This is our dog Sadie. She is a 12 year old Silkie Terrier. She enjoys car rides, staring out windows, and eating cat poop. (ugh at the last part).

My food philosophy
Food is our body’s most crucial fuel however it is also meant to be enjoyed. As a woman with PCOS I have discovered over the years that a largely plant based diet is the best for helping my body to feel good and function as best as it can. While I have been able to find and create many recipes that are plant based and very satisfying, I still cook and eat dairy, eggs, and meat occasionally. Thankfully my husband is very much on board and loves the things I cook and our one year doesn’t seem to mind either. A lot of times we’ll eat the kale salad and lentil stew, but you best believe we are gonna let ourselves have a brownie here and there or pasta with all the cheese. Life is about balance, yo!

When I am not in the kitchen you can find me momming, making all kinds of floraly items for my Etsy shop, getting coffee or a beer with a friend, going on a hike with the familia, crafting, being a recreation therapist in my community, and planning trips that we can’t currently afford!

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Why Familia?

Why would a white girl name her blog Well Fed FAMILIA? From the beginning of our marriage my husband and I have always called each other familia. We both speak a bit of Spanish and have a love for learning about many different cultures. 3 years later God handed us a little tiny Hispanic baby girl through foster care and now adoption. Our hope is to honor her heritage as she grows up. Everytime one of us walks in the front door after being gone we holler “Hola familia!”