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June 12, 2019

The day we saw our daughter’s parents

So this really crazy thing happened and it still has Steven and I scratching our heads.

It was nearing the end of September a few years back and we were to the point in our foster care licensing journey where we needed to get our house ready for the home study. In foster care that means fire extinguishers placed, smoke detectors set up and checked, medicine and cleaners locked up, etc. We went to church one Sunday which was in the opposite part of the city from where we lived and we decided to stop at a Walmart we wouldn’t typically go to to pick up a few items we needed to get the house foster care ready. We did our shopping and although neither of us like Walmart it was so enjoyable because we knew we were purchasing things that meant we were getting our house ready to have a child in it. As we were leaving the store I remember seeing a couple at the exit. While we walked by I noticed the woman was super pregnant and she along with the man looked tired, eyes glazed over, unhealthy, probably hadn’t bathed in a while, and they were just standing there at the exit.  I didn’t know anything about them, all I could do was take in what I saw for the few seconds we walked by them. Once we got back to the car I glanced back at them. I said to Steven “I hope those people are ok, but they did not look ok and she was super pregnant. This is so crazy but what if that is the woman who is carrying the baby that might come to us?” I felt silly saying this because that was awfully presumptuous but it was just a weird little thought in the back of my head knowing whoever was going to be coming into our home would be coming from a hard circumstance.  Steven said he had noticed them too and we both decided to just stop and pray for them and the child that woman was carrying. We did not pray for that baby to come to us, I just remember praying for their safety, their circumstance, and the safety of their baby.

We drove home and continued to live our lives per usual as we finished getting licensed for foster care. On December 19th of that year our daughter was placed in our home. We were overjoyed to have her with us and soaked up every second not knowing what exactly her journey with us would look like. A few days later we got a file from our caseworker that had all of her information and the names and history of her biological parents. Naturally I got online to see if I could find a picture of them on Facebook and once I did, my jaw dropped. I called for Steven to come over and he was shocked as well. We still cannot say for sure, but after seeing their picture we are both pretty certain that that was Evy’s biological parent’s we saw and prayed for by Walmart on that September day. It would make sense because the woman we saw was very pregnant and Evy was born only a handful of days later.

I don’t know what any of that means. We might be totally wrong, but I don’t think we are. Everything about our journey to become parents has been so clearly ordained by the Lord. We have never been able to meet her biological parent’s and I will not go into details about that as that has no business being shared publicly, but I do believe God knew we would want to meet the parents who chose to bring our daughter into this world, her roots, the people she looks like and gets her genetic makeup from. I feel like it was the crazy God ordained “meeting” because he knew we would otherwise never meet them. That isn’t to say things couldn’t change in the future, but for now at least.

It is just fascinating to me and if anything it is just another experience that solidifies God’s hand in all of this. I love our daughter’s biological parents through everything even though we know so little other than really hard things about them. How beautiful was it that we got to see them and baby Evy (in utero) that day? It blows my mind.

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