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October 23, 2017


Well hello there! One of the things I am most excited about posting on my blog is weekly meal plans. I wanted to share in this post a little about what you can expect.

When it comes to my weekly meal plans there will be different set ups occasionally. Sometimes I will post a weekly meal plan with only dinners, sometimes I will do dinners and lunches, and sometimes I’ll really go big and make a meal plan of everything we eat that week- breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. I will specify on each post what you can expect to see! Another important thing to note is that we are a hardcore leftovers family. There are 7 nights in a week but to save myself from having to cook dinner every night I cook 3 dinners throughout the week that will provide 6 meals for us and the 4th dinner is either a nicer meal like fish or a super simple meal like scrambled eggs.

Here is my formula: On Sunday night I sit down and look at our week plans and make a menu based off what we have going on Monday- Sunday. Grocery shopping happens on Monday. My goal is to get all the food we need that week to last from Monday dinner to the next Monday’s breakfast.  On an average week we eat all of our meals at home for money saving purposes and health purposes. This is how I typically plan for a weeks’ worth of food-

  • Breakfast for 7 days which is almost ALWAYS oatmeal for our family unless we are going out or celebrating something.
  • Husband lunches for 7 days
  • Adrienne and baby E lunches for 7 days
  • Dinner 1 (to be split and eaten Monday and Thursday night or any 2 nights of the week)
  • Dinner 2 (to be split and eaten Tuesday and Friday night or any 2 nights of the week )
  • Dinner 3 (to be split and eaten Wednesday and Saturday night or any 2 nights of the week )
  • Dinner 4 (something simple, or dinner out, or reserved for having a special meal with friends or family over)

Whether you look at one of my weekly meal plans and follow it to a T for a week or even just take one or two of the meal ideas and incorporate them into your weekly food- I hope this is a helpful tool to you. The recipes I share will be mine or recipes that I have made and we have loved many times. Happy meal planning, friends! My hope is to post my first weekly meal plan for y’all next Sunday!

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