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July 15, 2019

Vegetable Tacos with Cilantro Lime Black Beans and Guacamole

Oh hey, yeah it’s been about a month since I last posted. This summer has been SO much fun and we have been going non-stop we’ve ejoyed family visiting from Texas. My Etsy shop has been keeping me completely occupied during toddler free times therefore the blog has been on the back burner. I really enjoy this blog but the more I learn, people seem to care less about blogs and more so prefer to just read longer captions/stories on Instagram. Is that true for you? I am not exactly sure how strictly I will continue to post on here however I will still at least share my recipes and weekly meal plans in the space.

I’ll keep this short and sweet cause I only have a few minutes- tonight I am sharing a veggie taco recipe that is full of flavor, healthy, and vibrant!

Let’s get cooking amigos!

Yield- 10 tacos 

Ingredients and Instructions


Green and red bell pepper slivered 

Red onion slivered 

Olive oil to coat pan

Salt and pepper to taste

1) Saute’ all of the above over medium heat until veggies begin to soften.

Roasted veggies- 

2 russet potatoes chopped into bite size

2 carrots chopped 

Olive oil

1/2 tsp Salt

1/4 tsp Pepper

1/2 tsp Paprika

1/2 tsp Cumin

1/2 tsp Oregano

1) Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix until everything is evenly coated. Cover a baking sheet in parchment paper and lay everything in a single layer. Cook in a 400F oven for 20 mins or until potatoes look crispy.


2 avocados mashed

1 vine ripened tomato diced 

1 clove garlic minced

2 tbs chopped red onion 

1 tsp lime juice 

Salt and pepper to taste 

1) Mash avocados and then add the rest of the ingredients and stir to combine.

Black beans-

1 can black beans 

1/2 of an lime’s juice 

1 clove garlic minced 

2 tbs chopped cilantro 

Salt and pepper to taste

Drizzle of olive oil 

1) drain the can of black beans then add them and all ingredients to a sauce pan. Heat over medium heat and then blend or mash everything together to create a mash.


10 Tortillas

Shredded cheese

Assembly time- Once all components of the dish are made it is time to assemble to tacos. We like to start by slathering on the black bean mash and then add everything else. Top with shredded cheese if you like.

Thanks for being here ya’ll! Over and out, until next time 🙂