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November 28, 2018

Adoption Day

Hello friends,

Today is our one year adoption anniversary! I sat down to write some words about our adoption day and this is what came out. It is more of a walk through of what our adoption day looked like. It is informal and maybe put together in an odd format but this is it. This is adoption day through my eyes.

Coordinating outfits, people gathered, judge in a happy mood because he finally has a happy thing to do in court. Smiles, tears, and celebrating. Months and sometimes years of paperwork. Choosing to love a child for better or for worse after initially choosing to love a child whether they will be with you for a day or for the rest of your life. Ups and downs. One might call that an emotional rollercoaster.

The family court hall is full of people. Some are there for the worst day of their life. Their family is in the process of being broken apart. Some are there for the best day of their life. Their family is legally saying yes to being together forever. If you are lucky like us you have a ton of people rallying in a tiny court room. You have family, friends, siblings in another state watching via facetime, college roommates, and if you are really lucky your foster and adoption journey has extended your family even further by welcoming your child’s biological siblings and their families into the mix.

The judge smiles. The judge goes through the legalities to make it official. The judge cracks jokes that he can only crack during adoption court. The judge asks you if you will provide for, love, and care for your child forever. With a confident but emotional crack in your voice you say yes.  You look at your child, you look at your spouse, you look at all of the loving and caring faces in the room that supported and loved you through this journey to get you to this point. It feels surreal.

So many pictures are taken. Picture with the judge, picture with the CPS workers, picture with your child’s guardian ad litem, pictures with every single one of the people who came to share this day. You leave the courtroom and go back in to the halls of the family court unit. You are reminded again that your best day is someone else’s worst. You don’t let that sit lightly and choose to remember that. Hugs are given, tears are shed, babies are getting grumpy and overwhelmed, but your heart is so full. You officially share the same last name as the small person you call your child.

Thankful. Honored. This is adoption day.

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