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October 12, 2017

I’m doing it!

Should I really do this? What if it is a total flop? What if people think I am uninteresting or don’t like my recipes? What if I invest all this time for nothing? Well, after a few weeks of having this on my brain all the time the answer is YES, I should do this! Starting a blog has been on my mind for a few years now. I even started a free blog a couple of years ago after many urges from far too kind friends. I think I posted 3 times and then life just got busy, I didn’t have a baby, I had an office job, and yeah- it just didn’t work out. Well, I’m back! And this time I’m back in full force! I am devoted to giving this blogging thing a try. I’m passionate about food, family, creativity, and living life so why not share that with the world!? Even if it only ever benefits one other person, I’m doing it. I think I would always look back and wonder if I could have been a blogger if I never tried. So yes, I should do this and hey look-I’m doing it! I hope you will follow along the journey with me!

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